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Passionate. Committed. Professional.

Established as a multi-diciplinary business process outsourcing company, LSM BPO specializes in helping small and medium enterprises in Australia and New Zealand achieve growth and maintain a thriving business through a suite of services tailored around their exacting demands. A company defined by passion, commitment, and professionalism, LSM BPO is spearheaded by a team of BPO professionals who not only have years of experience in a range of disciplines but are also equipped with the proper training, skills and expertise necessary to get the job done.

While we may not be a big company, our size is our strength. It allows us to move efficiently, focus on the need at hand, cascade responsibilities, and be flexible enough so that we are able to adapt to every situation.


Our company is dedicated to delivering stakeholder value by co-creating BPO packages for our clients, ensuring consistency, confidentiality and excellence.


To be the leading BPO company of choice of SMEs in Australia and New Zealand, owing to our commitment to excellence and ethics.


LSM BPO Australia has some of the most passionate people in the industry brought together to form a formidable team of strategic thinkers to oversee the operations of the company. Together, they take on a pivotal role in the success of every project, harnessing their management and leadership skills to accomplish objectives and drive results.


Linda Salud-Margon

Chief Executive Officer

Benny Araw

Chief Operating Officer


Sales and Marketing


Maria Carbonell


Jacky Hung

Sales Manager


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