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While you shouldn’t completely forgo traditional marketing because you can still tap a lot of customers and prospects through it, you should also focus on building a strong online presence because of the following advantages it presents:

1. It doesn’t rely on your company’s size

Crafting a strong online marketing strategy doesn’t require you to be as big as your largest competitors becauseit’s so much easier to figure out what customers and prospects want online, deliver it and then constantly readjust your strategy.

2. It’s not as expensive

It also costs much less money to launch an online marketing campaign than a traditional one.

3. It’s easier to measure

Online analytics give you a real-time picture of how well your campaign is doing, allowing you to make the necessary changes on the fly to maximize its effectiveness.

4. It produces real-time results

Aside from real-time analytics, the initial results of your campaign, such as an increase in the number of your subscribers, should come almost immediately as well.

5. It allows you to readjust your strategy with less money

Changing, say, a billboard obviously costs so much more than changing the photo you used for a Facebook or Google ad – and it takes so much more time too.

6. It provides for better brand development

Digital marketing gives you unparalleled customer targeting and lead-generation capabilities, ultimately providing you with more opportunities to grow and make a sale.

7. It offers global exposure

Online marketing campaigns are not limited by geographical boundaries. This means you can reach anyone in the world without the massive costs typically associated with traditional methods.

8. It presents you the opportunity to go viral

Nobody really passes flyers around, but people share interesting content on social media all the time. But be sure to craft a risk management strategy in case you encounter any negative press online.

9. It’s non-intrusive

Your customers will love you for not forcing marketing messages on them. Instead, you can easily get permission first and then only send them things that they signed up for.

10. It’s a platform for improved engagement

Digital marketing allows you to easily encourage customers and prospects to take action in the form of sharing, rating, reading, commenting and other similar things.



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